Mandate; The mandate of the Department of Fisheries in Namwala Southern province is to promote sustainable fishery management through participation approach by involving various stakeholders.


MISSION  To facilitate and support the development of sustainable viable fisheries sector in order to ensure food security and income generation at the house and national levels and maximize the sector`s contribution to the gross domestic product.

The Departement is offering extension services to the fishers, some of the services offered are as follows;

  1. Sensitization and training of fishers in Fishery management, Fish processing Use of proper fishing methods and gears.
  2. Formation of Fishing Village Management Committees (VMC)
  3. Licensing of fishers and registration of fishing boats as means of control measure and revenue collections.
  4. Surveillance and reinforcement of fisheries Act.
  5. Reinforcement of fishing ban, to allow the fish stock to breed with minimum interference.
  6. Collection of marketing statistics data used for fishery management planning.


The following activities are carried by the Departement;

  1. Sensitization and training of Fish farmers and Dam committees in Pond and Dam management.
  2. Provision and stocking of individual fish farmers ponds, dams and community dams
  3. Provision of fingerings and stocking of fish farmers ponds and dams.

The Department under capture management has an operation are of approx 350 kilometer stretch of the Kafue river from the Itezhi Tezhi Dam wall up to New Soweto in the eastward directions bordering with Monze District. This includes all the lagoons along the river.