Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS)

The Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) is a public relations wing of government under the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting Services.

The department came into being in 2005 following the merger between the Zambia News Agency (ZANA) and Zambia Information Services (ZIS), both Government wings.

ZANIS mandate is to interpret Government policies and provide accurate and comprehensive information to the public in order to solicit their support and participation in national development.

This mandate is executed through the department’s three units, Editorial, Technical Services and Research and Public Relations.

ZANIS is the only mainstream media organisation in Zambia providing the widest possible professional news coverage through a well-trained cadre of Journalists stationed at the Regional headquarters in Choma and District offices across the province.

The department as a media mix provides credible news through text, video and still pictures to the Zambian public. This is done through our clients who include the national broadcaster, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and a string of privately owned newspapers, commercial and community radio stations as well as private television stations.

ZANIS also provide news and in-depth articles to the Zambian public abroad and the international community by internet. To achieve this, the department cooperates with with multinational and national news agencies like the Russia Information and News Agency (RIA Novosti), XINHUA News Agency of China and Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) and Mozambique News Agency (AIM) with which we have mutual news exchange agreements.



This Unit is responsible for gathering, processing, and dissemination of various Government engagements and those of other stakeholders.

Through this unit, ZANIS provides subscribers with textual news by the internet. With offices in nearly 72 districts of the country, the Unit is capable of mopping up various development and other human-interest stories.

In keeping with the motto of “bringing news about Zambia to Zambia and the world” ZANIS enjoys a solid reputation in the collection and dissemination of reliable, fair and objective news and feature articles.

With a cadre of well qualified and experienced staff, the department offers great services to the public.

The Unit has also been producing local language newspapers;
Imbila                                   Bemba
Tsopano                                Nyanja
Liseli                                     Lozi
Intanda                                 Tonga
Ngoma                                  Lunda, Kaonde, and Luvale
Lukanga                                Lenje

It is also responsible for the production and publication of ad-hoc publications such as State News, Posters, Pamphlets, Banners, etc which dwell on specific needs of Government. specific development programmes of government. The six publications of State News are published in both English and eight (8) local languages. 


The Technical Unit of the department offers video and radio programmes, whose quality is second to none. The Unit further provides public address equipment to a variety of clientele including Government. The Technical services comprise the following;

Graphics/Printing Section 

This section is in charge of visual publicity. Its main functions are to interpret and create awareness to the public on Government policies using visual communication through posters, flyers and providing the layout for adhoc publications aimed at informing the nation.

Production Section 

The Production Section offers;
·    The Sound Studio which produces high quality audio works. Among its works include recording drama radio programmes, jingles and adverts. The section also records narrations (voice overs) for television documentaries and advertisements.

  • The Sound studio is ideal for Orchestra and Choir recordings. It has both analogue and digital recording workstations. Composition of Signature tunes and background music is also undertaken for TV programmes and documentaries.
  • This section also produces a 30-minute radio programme called “Zambia Today” which is aired every Thursday at 21 hours on ZNBC Radio Two.
  • It also hires out console and sound, cameras, camera cranes, studio lights, dolly and tracks, as well as its drama studio in addition to providing Audio editing and the Burning of DVDs and CDs.

Maintenance Section
This section offers the following services at a competitive price.

  • Indoor Public Address (PA) System: For all indoor meetings e.g. Parties, Church meetings, Conferences etc.
  • Outdoor PA System:  For all the outdoor functions e.g., Church Crusades, Political rallies and other outdoor functions.
  • Mobile PA System
  • Conferencing PA System: The department through maintenance has a conference system that can cater for up to 200 delegates.
  • Video Shows: The department has modern mobile video equipment with outdoor wide screens. This enables the department to educate, inform and entertain rural population on latest events and government programmes which might require public attention. The department also has Data Video Projectors for hire
  • Thermal Generators (230-300 volts A.C @ 2800kv) we hire out generators in places where electricity is not available. 

Photographic Section 

The section has got both conventional and modern photographic equipment which makes it possible to capture and record assignments of any magnitude.

The section is represented in all the Ten provincial headquarters with highly motivated and well-trained photographers. The provincial photographers are well positioned to take photographs of all Historical sites in nature and both public and private functions where possible for our national posterity.

Our photographers do not only take archival photographs but also take newsworthy photographs which are later published in the daily national newspapers Times and Daily Mail and some privately-owned papers.

The section has a Photo library of photos which is open to the public for purchasing of pictures at very competitive prices.

Digital photographs which can either be printed or written to a CD are also offered by this section. 


Through its combined media strategies, the Unit reflects Zambia’s positive image both at home and abroad. The Unit has a press office which co-ordinates press coverage and facilitates press accreditation for both local and international journalists to enable them pto ractice journalism in Zambia.

Additionally, the RPR Unit carries out communication research in addition to documenting and archiving textual, video and photographic materials of national and international importance.

In order to strengthen its information dissemination campaigns, the Unit also publishes six local language newspapers and other adhoc publications. The library section provides;
·    Bound newspaper, newspaper clippings
·    Speeches. Addresses and statements that are collected and used by reporters. Government documents, books and some of the materials date from the 70s.

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