“a Province of excellence in learner performance by 2021” 

  1. Introduction
  • 13 districts namely: Chikankata, Choma, Gwembe, Kalomo, Kazungula, Livingstone, Mazabuka, Monze, Namwala, Pemba, Siavonga, Sinazongwe, and Zimba.
  • Province has an extension of the National Science Centre at Choma Secondary School.

2.   Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Currently, there are 753 ECE centers annexed to Government, private and community schools with a total enrolment of 33, 223 (16, 305 male and 16, 918 female). The Province has 171 ECE Teachers, showing a shortfall in Teacher requirements, though that has been done through administrative engagement of community teachers.

3.   Primary Education

Classrooms 10, 007 7, 401
Teachers’ Houses 6, 000 3, 851
Laboratories 385 42
Libraries 385 57
Desks 200, 148 110, 025
Toilets (hole/pans) 20, 015 6,198
Textbooks 1, 295, 175 364, 466
Teachers 10, 008 9, 951


The Province has 1, 140 primary and community schools. The total number of classrooms is 7, 401. This follows that the primary schools in the province are just able to accommodate 259,035 pupils instead of the existing 399,904 pupils that are currently enrolled.

4.   Secondary Education

Classrooms 3, 561 1, 301
Teachers’ Houses 3, 903 1, 171
Desks/Chairs 89, 010 22, 561
Toilets 4, 751 2, 345
Departmental Rooms 352 300
Laboratories 280 209
Workshops 163 63
Computer Laboratories 108 71
Home Economics 50 35
Libraries 108 26
Textbooks 77, 884 65, 937
Teachers 3,561 2, 835
School Halls 108 67


The Province has 106 Secondary schools with 1, 301 classrooms with a total capacity of 52,040 pupils, instead of 95, 883 pupils currently enrolled.

  1. Successes in Education Provision 
  • The Province in 2016 developed a 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan, whose focus is on increasing the performance of the province. Early this February 2018, the Province managed to award deserving Districts and Schools for performing well at G7, G9 and G12 Levels inline with the Strategic Plan
  • Inclusive learning is being piloted in three districts (Kazungula. Livingstone and Zimba) through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Zambia Support Program
  • The Science centre housed at Choma secondary school produces a number of low-cost learning and teaching materials mainly in science, mathematics, and technology.
  • The Provincial Library radical redesign of services to have books for all the sub-sectors:- ECE, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary including material for Special Education Needs and other services under ICT
  • Through Public-Private Partnerships, the Province in the last 2017 quarter distributed 1,100 computers to help in the delivery of computer studies and ICT.
  • The Province has a strong theme on developing Public Private Partnerships and Innovations in running our institutions i.e. at the recently opened Kaumba Secondary School, Chief Chona has been donating logs which the school used to make dining benches and refurbish desks for themselves and surrounding schools and above all the school has an extensive agriculture project.
  • The Province has been performing well at Grade 12, including the 2017 Exams though having challenges at Grade 7 and Grade 9
  • The Province is implementing with the support of communities and WFP Home Grown School Meals (HGSM) programme in 6 Districts.
  • KGS is being implemented in Gwembe District targeting Girls from House Holds benefiting from Social Cash Transfer. 301 girls as of December 2017 were benefiting from the World Bank Project.
  • Leadership and Management is a theme in the Strategic Plan and the Province in collaboration with Rusangu University in August 2017 trained 214 Headteachers in educational leadership and management to enhance performance good governance in the institutions.