Livingstone City Background

  • Tourist Capital
  • Named after the famous explorer – David Livingstone
  • Population: 142,000
  • Growth rate: 3.1%
  • Area: It covers a land area of 695 Sq Km.
  • Wards: Total of 17 Wards
  • Constituencies: 1
  • Ethnicity: main ethnic group in the district is Toka – Leya.
  • Languages: English (official language), Lozi, and Tonga, Toka – leya, Bemba, Nyanja, Luvale and lunda.
  • Home of the Victoria Falls (One of the 7 Wonders of the World)
  • Elevated to City status in 1997

The significance of Hospitality Industry

Category Number % of Collectable Revenue
Residential 13,491 28.52
Commercial 415 23.71
Industrial 73 5.64
Institutional 69 6.07
Hospitality 137 35.96
Agricultural 35 0.1
Churches 27 0
Total 14,247 100

Road Network

S/No Description
1 Tarred 89.5 Km
2 Gravel 75.5 Km
3 Feeder Roads 103 Km
Total Road Network 165 Km


  • The total of forty-four (44) Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects from 2009 to 2014.
  • Completed 84%

International Bus Terminus

  • Total Approximate Area: 8 Hectares
  • 4 Hectares: Terminus
  • 2 Hectares: Transit Hotel
  • 2 Hectares: Intra City Bus Terminus & other commercial facilities

Key areas of Investment are Transit Hotel and Intra City Bus Terminus

Villa Sports Complex

  • Total Approximate Area: 5 Hectares
  • Key Area of Investment:

All Sports Complex as football, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, swimming to mention but a few.

Construction of a By-Pass and Truck Yard

  • The City is has a direct link to Zimbabwe and indirect links to Botswana and Namibia
  • It has a high traffic volume of heavy duty vehicles
  • The distance of Bypass: 10 Km
  • Other facilities:
  •   Tollgate, Truck Yard (Restaurant and rooms)

Construction of a Car Park and Bus Station

  • The Ultra-Modern Market will house over 250 traders from across the Country
  • Approximate area: 0.3 Hectares
  • Proposed facilities: Two (2) story car park and bus station to service the Eastern side of the City.

Waste Management

  • The City currently generates huge amounts of waste which the Council along with its key stakeholders has collectively identified as a resource.
  • Some of the areas of investment may include:
  • Recycling
  • Sanitary Land Fill
  • Garbage Collection

Provision of Housing Estates

  • Housing deficit is a problem which the Country has been grappling with and Livingstone is no exception to this problem.
  • Proposed facilities: Residential (low, medium and high costs) and social amenities and commercial land uses

Convention Centre and Hotel

  • The Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with the Council has reserved some pieces of land for construction of a convention centre and a hotel.
  • Convention Centre: 12 hectares, in the National Park for the convention centre.
  • Hotel: 3 Hectares near the Airport.


Major Challenge in the sector is the availability of water. Thus, most investments in the sector shall begin with irrigation scheme.

Prospects include;

  • Livestock Bulking Service Centre
  • Agro-processing (fruits and vegetables)
  • Crop growing