About Southern Province

Southern Province is the third largest Province in Zambia, covering an area of 85,283 square kilometers.  The Province consist of thirteen (13) Districts, namely; Chikankata, Choma, Gwembe, Kalomo, Kazungula, Mazabuka, Monze, Namwala, Livingstone, Pemba, Siavonga, Sinazongwe and Zimba.  Among these Districts Pemba, Chikankata and Zimba are new districts.  The cost and Treasury Authority from the three (03) highlighted districts were granted and members of staff have since been employed as per the approved Establishment Register for Ministries and Provinces.


The population of the Province is projected at 2,195,416 of which 49.3% are females and 49.7% are males.  Gwembe has the highest population growth rate at 4.5% followed by Siavonga and Kalomo, both at 4.4%. 

Southern Province has a comparative advantage in cattle rearing, maize production and tourism and energy generation.  Other crops of economic advantage include among others; Groundnuts, Sorghum, Wheat and Soya Beans.